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Joint Venture Recruitment


DF DeMers JVR is a professional Executive Recruiting Firm which has helped Clients and Candidates find the perfect match. The most important decision a company can make is the investment in the right employee. People are the solutions to short-term gains and long-term profitability. Having the best people for your company, defines its culture and protects the bottom line. The success in proper staffing will define the beginning and end of your organization.

DF DeMers Joint Venture Recruitment seeks to identify the core impact players that enhance the business plan and accelerate your company growth. We strive to find candidates who are not just looking for a job but are career motivated to form a relationship with your company where they can build their career.


The prime motivator for DF DeMers JVR throughout the years is that business can be guided by personal values. This concept has created a belief system of equal importance in the areas of helping people enhance the quality of their lives, building successful company teams, and to create an atmosphere where Clients and Candidates are respected as equal partners. 

DF DeMers JVR specializes in Executive Search for the following disciplines:


  • Aviation/Transportation

  • Sports/Entertainment

  • Residential Development

  • Commercial Real Estate Development

  • Commercial Construction

  • Construction Management

  • Architectural and Engineering Design

  • Civil Engineering​

  • Mechanical & Electrical Design and Contractors

  • Heavy Construction​




Contingent Search
Retingent Search
Retained Search

A contingent search allows a client to use a professional search firm to help them find qualified candidates with no out of pocket expenses up front but only when a candidate is hired and starts.

At DF DeMers JVR our contingency group takes a focused search approach for every job position they work. The success to any contingency assignment is directly contributed to the communications between client and recruiter. Direct recruiting is very time consuming, and proper feedback is essential to finding the candidate that is a perfect match. The more engaged our client is the better our results will be. 

Retingent search, (aka: container or engaged) is a solution that is becoming more viable to our client’s. It straddles the fence between contingency and full retained search. Under a retingent agreement, DF DeMers JVR acts as  a fully retained search firm, with only an initial fee up front. This has become a proven solution for critical openings with very specific or challenging special niche requirements. It shows an interest and commitment from both parties.

DF DeMers Joint Venture Recruitment will engage our internal research department and generate search-specific research targeting potential candidates from specific companies, industries, geographies or skill-sets.

At DF DeMers JVR, retained searches are for positions for top level assignments. In this relationship the client pays the recruiter fee in three equal installments. This method works well where clients want to have stretched payments. The client also has greater control of the process of the candidates. The recruiter is not at liberty to present the candidates identified to other companies until the client either fills the position or releases the candidate by stating no interest.

In order to justify this type of relationship, client must have highest priority on the position. This method works best when there is a high level of trust from all parties involved.



-Click Title for Position Description-



Assistant Superintendent – San Francisco, CA
Project Executive - Aviation - Denver, CO
Project Manager – Atlanta, GA
Construction Manager – Miami, FL
Superintendent – Aviation – Chicago, IL
Estimator – San Jose, CA
Senior Project Manager – San Francisco, CA
Preconstruction Manager – San Jose, CA
Project Executive – San Diego, CA
Scheduler – San Francisco, CA
Senior Estimator – San Francisco, CA
Design Manager – Los Angeles, CA
Concrete Estimator – Los Angeles, CA
Project Manager – Phoenix AZ
Superintendent – Kansas City, KS
Project Executive – Nashville, TN
MEP Manager – San Francisco, CA
Safety Manager – Denver, CO


Design Manager - San Diego, CA

Superintendent - Seattle, WA

Superintendent - San Diego, CA

Project Manager - San Diego, CA

Project Manager - Los Angeles, CA

Project Manager - San Francisco, CA

Project Manager - Orange County, CA

Safety Manager - San Francisco, CA

Project Executive - San Francisco, CA

Senior Superintendent - Los Angeles, CA

Safety Manager - Los Angeles, CA

Senior Estimator - San Diego, CA

Assistant Superintendent - Los Angeles, CA

Assistant Project Manager - Los Angeles, CA

Assistant Project Manager - Orange County, CA

Senior Project Manager - Los Angeles, CA

Mechanical Estimator – Irvine, CA

Business Development Manager - Los Angeles, CA




What is a Joint Venture?

According to experts, a "Joint Venture" can be defined as a project undertaken by two or more parties to achieve a mutual objective by combining their skills, talents, efforts, and money to achieve a desired result. In fact, we are convinced that an Executive Search firm that performs from a position of knowledge and integrity would be a valuable partner for any company that is striving to go from the ordinary to greatness. This is what DF DeMers JVR is all about, teaming with you to find outstanding people to bring your company the highest degree of success.

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 Brian Dalton

Brian began his career in the Executive Search industry in 2010.

Through the years he has completed many successful searches. The placements have been from CEO to middle management positions. Being trained and mentored by one of the best in the industry, Don DeMers, has put Brian on a path to success in recruiting.

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Susan Wilson


 Susan is proficient in managing offices in full life-cycle recruiting with over fifteen specialties while developing and maintaining a personal desk. She leverages her 30+ years of corporate management experience, sales training background, recruitment and accounting skills, with a passion to help professionals achieve their goals and objectives in finding their ideal career. 



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